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Mobilize Mira for 2012!

byErika Clary

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Erika Clary

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Erika Clary
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I have a book. I play with my friends. I like going to school. – Mira beneficiary.

A single donation today may:

– Buy 10 backpacks stocked with books, pencils, and paper

– Cover tuition for a year of school

But what happens AFTER we invest in this one child? Does the story stop there?

No! Your donation:

– Keeps a child in the safety of a schoolhouse

– Defines her road toward academic achievement for herself and all of her siblings

– Leads to job training and a reliable income

– Pulls the larger family out of poverty and keeps the next generation out too

– Shuts the doors on child marriage, child labor, and human trafficking

– Opens the doors to health care, legal access, and entrepreneurial pursuits

– Ends poverty locally, nationally, and globally

– Increases YOUR own fulfillment, impact, and leadership in global change

You make it all happen. YOU CAN BRING MIRA TO THE NEXT LEVEL with us. In 2012, we aim to close out 12 new projects, double our newsletter readership, and open Mira’s door in Latin America.

The progress we’re making is real. Purposeful. And only the very beginning.

**Donations are allocated to Mira’s general fund.