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Provide ceilings for interns’ and teachers’ rooms at a village school

Learning Center Construction

byErika Clary

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Cement, plaster, paint, labor


4 rooms




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About This Project:
Per FCC – “We have been providing educational opportunities in rural Cambodia since 2002.  Our most recent projects is the Village Learning Center in Phum Tany.  140 youth from ages 4 to 20 attend classes daily in English, IT, and early childhood education.  We are currently building four additional rooms to accommodate student interns and volunteer teachers.  Because of the school’s remote location, it is imperative that interns and volunteers can reside on site.  Having international teachers and university interns adds a dynamic dimension to our program, offering the children a standard and quality of education that would normally be unattainable.  It also provides a base from which our volunteer teachers can assist the local public school with English instruction.  We anticipate that once on-site, our teachers/interns will begin working with 200 more students at the local primary and high schools.

We have all but finished building accommodations to bring our project to completion. However, we lack the funds for the most needed part – ceilings!  With your support, we could begin moving people in immediately to make sure school keeps running and children keep learning.  These kids are, in turn, family teachers, so the more they learn, the more they bring home to share.”

About This Organization: Family Care Cambodia (FCC)
Per FCC – “FCC is recognized by the Cambodian government with MOUs from Ministries of Foreign Affairs, and Education, Youth, and Sports.  Our activities include: translation, production and distribution of children’s books, and assisting a shelter for minor girls rescued from sexual exploitation and domestic violence.  We provide English, computer and art classes; rice and cooking gas monthly, and weaving looms and sewing machines for vocational training.  We built and maintain a second story with bedrooms and lavatories.  At a primary school in Siem Reap, we built and furnished an IT lab, teacher’s office, 3-classroom school building and student lavatories.  300+ students benefit from our English, computer and sports training.  60 students benefit from our assisting a village school.  We operate a hostel for 20 rural boarding students earning their post graduate degrees.  We also help with the annual Cambodian Special Olympic Games.”