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Twenty students will gain work skills and learn from peer mentorship.

Job Training for Intellectually Disabled Youth

byErika Clary

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About This Project:

Per Komar Pikar Foundation- “The first regional workshop in Phnom Penh for developing self-help networks for persons with intellectual disabilities was in 2011.  The current lack of support and services for persons with intellectual disabilities in Cambodia was a major topic.  Without work, disabled people suffer significant social and economic isolation – therefore, their families do too.

Our project will focus on empowering young people with intellectual disabilities and identify ways to support themselves.  We will run group seminars using a peer mentorship model so that our students can learn to become independent and self-reliant.  They will access skill training from a primary facilitator, and then each other, to boost employment.  The project is proposing two main objectives: 1) Provide orientation to basic workplace skills (including speaking with and assisting coworkers, note taking, applying training to product making, and others), and 2) promote opportunities to dramatically improve their quality of life through income generation.”

About This Organization: Komar Pikar Foundation (KPF)

Per KPF – “The Komar Pikar Foundation is a registered NGO in Cambodia.  KPF has a strong governance record, dedicated and trained staff and assistance from international advisers.  While KPF is a relatively new NGO (2007), our staff and advisers have been working with this disadvantaged group since the mid 90s.  KPF supports poor children with moderate to severe disabilities like cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, autism, and other impairments.  These children have largely been ignored in our community as most services assist those with mild to moderate disabilities.  However, for the parent of a child with a more severe disability, it is a huge burden and makes earning an income much more difficult as someone has to look after their child every minute of the day.

KPF has several community-based programs that provide day-care support including living skills, physical therapies, and activities for these children in Phnom Penh and in the rural region of Kampot.  KPF aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of providing these programs and to encourage more and more services in the country.”