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One hundred students will build their IT skills, learn how to navigate the job market, and reduce the likelihood of unemployment.

IT and Job Skills Training for Teens

byErika Clary

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About This Project: 
Per KYSD – “Unemployment is the most important issue confronting youth, especially females, in Cambodia.  Our labor force increases by 300,000+ per year in a population of 14 million. About 15% of youth (15-24) are unemployed.  The objective of the project posted here is ultimately poverty reduction.

One volunteer & one staff member will conduct IT classes and job preparation courses for 100 students, free of charge for a year (1 session per quarter, with 25 students per session).  We expect that these hundred can then teach 100 more.  Our IT classes will provide office skills, communication skills, online researching, and general knowledge of how to use computers in the workplace.  We will teach basic Word, Excel, PowerPoint, browsing, and emailing.  Our job training courses will center on how to find a job, how to write a CV/resume, how to interview, and how to be a good staff member.  Following these courses, we will take our students to visit banks, NGOs, and other companies to learn how they operate and to seek internships.”

About This Organization: Riverkids
Per KYSD – “KYSD is a non-profit Cambodian youth NGO based in Phnom Penh established in January 2000. KYSD has been working with our community for ten years from pre-school age children up to 30. We support communities in the field of youth development (education, health and unemployment), youth participation and rights, and community development (climate change, women’s empowerment and livelihood programs). It is an active youth NGO with growing potential, effective networking, and strong relationships with other local NGOs, international NGOs and the government sector”.