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Item Name Item Cost No. of Items Total
Computer $400 1 $400
Internet Connection $40 per month 3 months $120
Instructor $150 per month 3 months $450
TOTAL     $970

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About This Project:

Youth, disabled persons, and orphans will benefit most from an education and IT skills. We learned that the children have great motivation to express their creativity. By project based learning, they will be able to develop and express this creativity, advance employment opportunities, promote positivity and have their voices heard through a sustainable way. Through collaborating with Mira, KYSD aims to begin a three-month IT literacy class, with funds going to purchasing another computer, paying for internet connection, and hiring a computer teacher. Our classes will be from Monday to Thursday every week from 9h00-11h00 and 3h00-4h00 p.m. This project will have a significant effect down the road on fighting the continually increasing rate of unemployment in our country. Since many children, especially disabled children, have no chance to access education and build their professional capacity, they would not be able to find a job and help their families. KYSD works with them to counter discrimination and hopelessness and show what their futures can hold.

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About Khmer Youth and Social Development (KYSD):

KYSD is a non-profit Cambodian Youth NGO based in Phnom Penh established in January 2000. KYSD has been working with our community for ten years from pre-school age children up to 30. We support communities in the field of Youth Development (education, health and unemployment); Youth Participation and Rights; and Community Development (climate change, women’s empowerment and livelihood programs). It is an active youth NGO with growing potential, effective networking, and strong relationships with other local NGOs, international NGOs and the government sector.