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Help thirty 10th graders receive English classes and career preparation training free-of-charge, five days a week, for 12 months.

Career Preparation for Gifted Rural Students

byErika Clary

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$180/mo. 12 mos. $2160
 Books, Copies, Study Materials  $20/mo.  12 mos.  $240
 Project Sub-total     $2400

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About This Project:
Per Family Care Cambodia: “Since 2002, Family Care Cambodia has offered quality educational programs, with a special emphasis on teaching English in the neglected rural areas. English skills facilitate higher learning, better career options and unlimited research opportunities. To enter college, or career training, a knowledge of English is required. Rural youth are disadvantaged without access to proper English tuition. At our village learning center in Kampong Speu we will open a special English class to prepare gifted, yet underprivileged 10th graders for college and/or gainful employment. The local high school director will help us select top students who will receive free afterschool tuition in English and career preparation, 5 days per week, 1.15 hours per day. The course will run for one full year.”

About This Organization, Family Care Cambodia:
Per Family Care Cambodia: “Founded in 2002, FCC is recognized by the Cambodian government with MOUs from Ministries of Foreign Affairs, and Education, Youth and Sports. Our activities include:

  • Translation, production and distribution of children’s books.
  • Assisting shelter for minor girls, rescued from sexual exploitation and domestic violence. We provide English, computer and art classes; rice and cooking gas monthly and weaving looms and sewing machines for vocational training. We built and maintain a second story with bedrooms and lavatories.
  • At a primary school in Siem Reap, we built and furnished an IT lab, teacher’s office, 3-classroom school building and student lavatories. 300+ students benefit from our English, computer and sports training.
  • Assisting a village school in Kampong Speu province, for 57 children without access to a public school.
  • Operating a Hostel for 20 rural boarding students, earning their post graduate degrees.
  • Assisting the annual Cambodian Special Olympic Games.
  • Daily English lessons for Sen Srok slum community.