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Mira Lauches 34th Grant

Eight years in and over 30 projects later... Thank you, donors!


Grant Submissions Due

May deadline for NGO community parter grant requests

Fast Facts

Steps for Volunteers

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Email/Facebook friends and family

Sample email




Sample Facebook status





Host a party

Mini fundraisers can take shape in so many forms. Taking a lead in any of these makes a huge impact for Mira. Ideas for party options include:


picnic, happy hour, brunch, communtiy walk, religious group gathering, trivia night, dinner/potluck, music performance, sporting event, children's face painting party, pool party, or anything you know your friends will enjoy!


Remember, Before the Event:

__ Let Mira know you're going to be hosting a fundraiser.


__ Email your friends/family 4-8 weeks before your planned party.


__ Let them know why you think a Mira fundraiser is important. List how they can help, and let them know the day/time/location of the event.  Suggest a minimum donation of your choosing, $10-$50 tends not to scare people away.


__ A few days before the event, follow-up with everyone.


__ Prepare some talking points so you’re not at a loss for ideas.  Mira can help you with this.


__ Ask 1 or 2 friends to arrive early to help welcome your guests.


During the Event:

___ Set a basket or box out for donations.


___ Have a sign-in sheet for names and email addresses.


___ Offer some food and beverages. Donors are happier on a full stomach :)


___ Lead a roundtable of introductions if your guests don't know each other.


___ Show Mira's promotional video (*currently in the making).


___ Let your guests know how you’ve been working with Mira, how every donation of time or money counts, and how you’d like them to join you in any way they’re comfortable with.


After the Event:

___ Send your sign-in sheet and collected donations to Mira. If possible, let us know who is responsible for what amount so we can send them confirmation that their gift was received. Or, if you’re not sure, just rubberband everything and label it (First Name, Last Name, House Party, Date).


___ Send a thank you email or note to everyone who came.





Contact local press

Reporters need help in finding credible and appealing stories.  Sending an email to say, "My name is ______, and I'd like to tell you about an organization called Mira..." goes a long way.



Help with professional skills: marketing, web, writing, etc.

Your talents and professional training may match perfectly with a project we're working on.




Speak with your community

Are you connected to scouting, a religious group, small business association, women's circle, book club, or other local leadership role?  Speaking among these groups is an authentic way to let others know about your volunteering good deeds and what Mira is all about.



Rally businesses and corporations

Small businesses and corporations often enjoy donating to great causes.  Who wouldn't?

- feel good about giving

- Share the joint publicity

- Enjoy tax benefits



Start a campus chapter

Most campuses require 3 students and a moderator to start a campus club.  Simple as that... you and two great friends could take the lead in developing a culture of giving, leadership, and international awareness.



Volunteer at events

We can always use your help setting up for events, checking in guests, assisting with auctions and dinners, providing guests with help, and cleaning up after everyone has gone home happy.


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