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Mira Lauches 34th Grant

Eight years in and over 30 projects later... Thank you, donors!


Grant Submissions Due

May deadline for NGO community parter grant requests

Fast Facts

Volunteer with Mira!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!  We value your time and energy, as you are a vital member of our team. The information below should help you to become familiar with Mira, so please take a look and let us know if you have any questions.  We want to build a mutually beneficial relationship in which you, our valued volunteer, use your strengths, passions and dedication to not only benefit Mira, but to positively enhance your own life.



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I love what Mira is doing. Can you help me with some volunteering ideas and steps on how to help?


For a fuller description of each of these items below, click on Steps for Volunteers HERE.


- Email/Facebook friends and family
- Host a party 
- Contact local press
- Help with professional skills: marketing, web, writing, etc.
- Speak with your community
- Rally businesses and corporations
- Start a campus chapter
- Volunteer at events



What's a non-profit?

A non-profit organization is like a typical business corporation, except that it re-invests all revenue back into self-preservation and expansion. A non-profit is designed for charity or service purposes. To obtain non-profit recognition, an organization must go through a government approved process called Incorporation. It’s not enough that people with a common purpose simply agree to act as a corporation. Mira was incorporated in 2009!



What are Mira's mission and vision?

Mission - Mira's mission is to provide educational opportunities to underserved and exploited children around the world by funding education-related projects.


Vision - Mira's vision is to empower children to reach their academic potential while inspiring the online community to reach its philanthropic potential.




How do we carry out our mission and vision?

We put our mission and vision into practice through our main tool: www.mirascholars.org. We use our website to connect organizations and donors to work together to enhance educational opportunities in developing countries. Bear in mind, Mira is not just a website; we are a dedicated organization working with other like-minded individuals and corporations to better the world.




Who can volunteer?

Anyone who is interested in international development can volunteer. Minors must show guardian's consent to Mira's Executive Director to volunteer.




Are there any requirements?

- All volunteers need to be tolerant, flexible and possess solid interpersonal skills.

- All volunteers must have an ability and willingness to interact with people of different cultures.




Is a volunteer an employee?

In a nutshell, a volunteer is not an employee. A volunteer is free to arrange his/her own schedule and does not report to a regular manager like in a normal office setting. A volunteer does not join an organization with the expectation of financial gain, but to better serve the global community.




What are my responsibilities?

When you sign up to volunteer, we'll talk about your everyday interests and professional background. From here, we will find a good fit on projects to work on and map out your specific responsibilities together. If you ever feel like a request is out of place, please let us know.




Sounds great! How do I register with Mira?

Very easy. Print out our Volunteer Registration Form by clicking HERE.  Send a scanned copy with your information to contact@mirascholars.org or mail in the original.





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